Members of the DCM Research Project team possess experience across a range of scientific disciplines related to improving canine health.
Understanding the verified causes of DCM requires expertise in veterinary medicine, veterinary cardiology, and animal nutrition.  
Dr. Bradley


Previously the Senior veterinarian at Mars Petcare North America, Dr. Quest is a globally recognized pet care professional.  Dr. Quest has worked exclusively in functional pet product research & development, clinical efficacy testing, process development and technical services for most of his career.  He was one of the first pet food industry professionals to develop global standards for product safety and efficacy testing.  Dr. Quest has developed and clinically tested many of the leading health benefit  products in the pet food industry.  Prior to working in the pet food industry, Dr. Quest actively practiced veterinary medicine as a partner in a private veterinary practice.

Dr. Stephanie


Dr. Clark holds a doctorate from Southern Illinois University in animal nutrition and is a certified veterinary technologist and food scientist. Her main studies focused on digestibility and the microbiome of working dogs and horses. Dr. Clark received two awards for “Outstanding Researcher”. She continued with her post-doctorate at Mayo Clinic, in a collaboration with the pet food industry, where she was also awarded the first two grants to support therapy dog welfare and earned her title of Assistant Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Eva


Dr. Oxford is a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist.  She obtained a PhD in pharmacology from SUNY Upstate Medical University before attending veterinary school at Cornell University.  She continued her time at Cornell with a residency in cardiology and postdoctoral training in embryology and canine genetics. She has led research projects funded by the NIH, AHA, and Morris Animal Foundation, and her work has been presented at both national and international conferences. Her past research has focused on Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) in Boxers, mitral valve disease, and the embryologic origin of arrhythmias. 

Dr. Sydney McCauley

PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAS

Dr. McCauley holds a PhD in animal nutrition from Virginia Tech. There she was awarded the John Lee Pratt endowment to research the relationship between glucose and fatty acid metabolism, using stable isotope tracers, in low birth weight neonatal pigs and the role on metabolic diseases later in life.  Additionally, Dr. McCauley’s focus was on improving growth and performance in low birth weight neonates with a concentration on carbohydrate metabolism as well as protein synthesis and degradation in skeletal muscle.

Dr. Renee


Dr. Streeter is a Veterinarian and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. She obtained her undergraduate degree in animal science from Cornell University and worked as a farm animal nutritionist before attending veterinary school at Ross University.  Her clinical rotations were done at Cornell University’s college of veterinary medicine, where she stayed on to do her Clinical Nutrition residency. Thereafter she worked in general practice and nutrition. Currently she helps industry clients through her position as the Clinical Nutrition Services Practice Principal at BSM Partners and helps veterinary patients as a Clinical Nutritionist, taking referrals through veterinarians.

Dr. Shiva


Dr. Garimella holds a Ph.D. in Grain and Science Industry and is a Certified Pet Nutritionist and Professional Animal Scientist. At BSM Partners, he identifies value stream opportunities by identifying key market trends and viable applications. He troubleshoots issues related to food processing, food chemistry, microbiology & organoleptic properties, and works closely with clients to identify and develop R&D Innovation Pipeline.

August Konie

Previously, Mr. Konie has led various multi-billion-dollar companies at executive levels whose teams included Food  Safety, Quality Assurance, Laboratory Service and Regulatory Compliance. He has worked abroad standardizing  programs in Asia and Europe with various start-ups, as well as, collaborating on quality systems with several  food companies in South America and served on many technical committees.